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Changing the HAF-CIN Water Filter in Your Samsung Refrigerator

When you use Samsung refrigerator with HAF-CIN water filter for your home, you are likely to develop a habit of being used to drinking purified, chilled water and ice, over time.

No wonder that you won’t like to go back to using bottled water after you have got a taste of what these refrigerator water filters could do.

However, you need to replace them after every six months or once they have delivered 300 gallons of water.

Therefore, it becomes extremely important to know when it’s time to replace the HAF-CIN refrigerator water filter to ensure that you don’t miss out on drinking safe water.

When to change

The digital panel of your refrigerator has a filter light indicator.

You have to monitor this indicator closely and as soon as you notice the red light, you would know it’s time to get your filter cartridge replaced.

Keeping an eye on the indicator is important because it will first turn orange about a month before the filter needs to be changed.

However, you may need to change the filter in some other cases too, as mentioned in this guideline:

  1. Within 3 to 6 Months: in case you are using well water, getting your filter changed more often is recommended;
  2. 6 Months: suggested for homes using municipal water;
  3. Right now: in case you observe a decreased water flow, experience a peculiar odor or notice visible particulates in the water.

You may also put month sticker on the filter cartridge to remind you of a cartridge change. Such stickers are included in each package of cartridges.

Where to purchase from

You can buy genuine cartridges either from Samsung stores or home improvement and appliance stores. If you want to shop online, you can book your HAF-CIN water filter cartridge either at Samsung’s online store or head to retail websites such as Amazon. It’s advisable to buy only Samsung genuine water filter cartridges for guaranteed performance and authenticity. You should avoid buying those of other brands or cheaper imitations claiming to be compatible with Samsung filters. Remember – only genuine filters from Samsung will come with guaranteed quality that’s suitable for your Samsung refrigerator.

Easy installation

HAF-CIN water filter cartridges are available in a slim, user-friendly design, which facilitates easy removal and installation. Thus, you won’t need to call any technician or search for tools when you require replacing your Samsung refrigerator filter.

So, remember to change your HAF-CIN water filter when it’s time.

This way, you can bring down your carbon footprints (thanks to reduced consumption of bottled water and thus less use of plastic) while enjoying fresh filtered water and ice with your Samsung Refrigerator.

Just make sure to use a genuine Samsung HAF-CIN water filter and stay away from its dubious, counterfeit cousins that may promise the moon but falter when it comes to delivering on that promise.

After all, nothing gives peace of mind as a quality filter with NSF Certification.

Are you ready to join the league?