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Know About 6 Types Of Dog Leashes

In most parts of the world, there is a legal requirement to use leashes for dogs when they are walked to public places.

This is to prevent unwanted accidents and disturbances to the public due to misbehavior of the pets.

There are different types of dog leashes in the market, and you might wonder which one to pick for your loving pet.

Knowing about the types of dog leashes and their functionalities would help you decide.

Types of Dog Leashes

Apart from the difference in make, material, measurement and colors, there are variations in the types of dog leashes, based on the convenience of usage.

1. Simple Standard Leash

This is the most basic type of leash, which is a great tool for walking well-behaved dogs.

This is apt for obedient dogs, as it is just to keep your dog by your side and let it walk along.

Though most of these are made of leather, there are other options like rubber, cotton and nylon as well.

However, cotton and rubber are less durable and very uncommon.

The length of the standard leash is 6ft., though you may even get ones between 4ft and 8ft.

2. Retractable Leash

This is one of the most convenient leashes with length variation feature, which allows your pet to move around freely.

These are similar to measuring tapes, which extend out as much as required, up to a certain limit.

The retractable types of dog leashes can extend up to 30 feet.

These leashes have a special feature – a locking mechanism, which lets you lock the leash at the desired length.

You can release the lock, which will make the leash to be automatically pulled back into the handle.

3. Martingale Lead Leash

This is mostly used for training dogs, as it prevents your dog from pulling you.

Whenever the dog pulls you, the leash tightens around the dog’s neck, which stops it or discourages it from pulling.

However, this is not dangerous as it won’t choke the dog.

Rather, it would just put a gentle pressure on your pet to make it uncomfortable so that it obeys your command.

4. Adjustable Leash

Unlike retractable leashes, the adjustable leashes require you to manually adjust the length of the leash, depending on what you wish.

If you wish to train your dog with heelwork or need to have your pet close to you, you can make it shorter.

Again, when you want to let your dog be free while it’s walking or running, you can increase the length.

5. Chain Leash

Some dogs have the habit of chewing the leash, which requires frequent replacement of leashes.

Chain leash is a good option for such pets.

They are available in different lengths and thickness for you to pick the most suitable one based on your dog’s weight and size.

Despite buying such a leash, there are possibilities that your dog might continue with its chewing habit and damage its teeth.

6. Multiple Dog Leash

This is one of the types of dog leashes that let you walk more than one dog at a time.

While one end of the leash is for you to hold, the other end is split into two or three (or more) for you to tie your dogs and control them.

However, only well-trained dogs can be walked with such a leash, as you cannot control them individually.

Other types of dog leashes include reflective leash (that come with a reflective material to use on highways and nights), seat-belt safe leash (that let you tie the pets in your car seat) etc.