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Beginner’s Guide To Finding The Best Inline Skates

Inline skating is one of the most commonly – after running and cycling – chosen sports hobbies that help people stay fit.

Although with just over 15 million of active skaters, it’s not even close to running in terms of popularity, the overall number of skaters still makes for a big number compared to other sports.

One of the reasons why it lacks following is the low number of good skate paths as well as equipment.

The cost is not the only barrier (in fact, it’s not that expensive sport), but a proper equipment is quite often hard to choose for someone who has never skated before.

Since it’s not as mainstream as cycling, there are also not too many people who could encourage their friends – and people tend to choose hobbies that they can share with others.

Choosing proper equipment, and most notably, the best inline skates is not an easy task – it all depends on your skills and what exactly do you want to achieve.

Most people will be looking for skates that suit more than one purpose – this means that they will be most likely looking at recreational skates.

On the other hand, if you are into aggressive inline skating (also called street skating), then the skates you choose will differ.

Focusing on grinding, railslides and spins, requires much tougher and stronger skates, with smaller wheels and all parts easily replaceable.

Although many people associate skating with tricks and various tournaments, an occasional, recreational skaters make for the majority of all skaters.

The best inline skates for amateur skating are plastic skates with a foam liner inside.

Typically, they have a combination of laces and buckles, but sometimes they have only one of the options.

Probably the most popular brand of skates for both recreational (urban) and aggressive skating (but not only those, as they are huge in almost every skating niche) is Rollerblade, which capitalized on being the first skating brand with worldwide distribution.

Despite changing owners, Rollerblade products are still top notch and are widely chosen between both amateurs and pros – so almost anything that you choose and is made by them will be good.

Make sure it suits your needs, though.

For example, you may like The Rollerblade Formula 10, which is top-rated recreational skate at one of the biggest sports retailers – Dick’s Sporting Goods.

It’s a perfect choice for those who treat skating as a hobby because of the skates excellent quality to price ratio.

For just around $150, you receive very comfortable, lightweight and stable skates with ABEC 7 bearings.

But even the best inline skates won’t help you if you won’t take action and won’t practice.

Because it’s not the safest sport (especially in the beginning, you can expect to fall quite a lot), you should start by practicing at home.

You can even train your balance wearing your skates on a carpet in your living room or in the backyard, on a soft lawn.

Remember, that even professionals can’t stop immediately when skating, so pay attention to the distances between you and other skaters or obstacles on your way.

And avoid busy roads – not only you are expected to follow the same rules as cyclists and car drivers – but competing with them won’t bring anything but trouble.

Don’t compete with cyclists as you put both yourself and them in danger; go for quiet and smooth paths, especially if you are still learning the ins and outs of skating.

Safety First: Beach Chairs For Toddlers

Kids love it when you tell them something is strictly theirs, especially when it looks exactly like yours and is precisely their size.

That’s why there’s plenty of beach chairs for toddlers on the market right now.

Not only does it make your little tyke feel like they’re just like Mommy and Daddy, but it also helps a lot when it comes to the time to slather on some more sunscreen.

Kids are more likely to let you do as you please, just so long as you first entice them with something they like.

“We got to get some more sunscreen on you. Aw, c’mon. Wanna sit on your beach chair?”

Works like a charm

With that being said, there’s a couple of really nice beach chairs for toddlers that you would absolutely adore.

One comes in pink and blue, and has an umbrella to shade the kids from the summer sun.

It’s really helpful, because it can be adjusted to several angles to move with the sun without having to readjust the entire pole.

Toddlers just seem to go on and on at the beach without realizing how hot they’re getting, although it is necessary that you do not let your toddlers spend excessive time playing on the beach, despite their inevitable tantrums.


Safety is also super important when choosing beach chairs for toddlers.

In this regard, the W.C. Redmon is highly recommended.

It comes in way more colors than the typical toddler’s beach chair so it’s a lot easier to find the right one for the more finicky kids.

More importantly, it has dual safety locks to keep it from unexpectedly collapsing.

Yes, the kid might not get “crushed” by the little chair, but tiny pinched fingers are sure to occur.

Nothing ruins a day at the beach like a boo-boo.

It’s critical that all parents know the signs of heat sickness in the event that maybe their child stays out in the sun just a little too long.

If your little one’s skin feels dry or they complain of dizziness, check their pulse.

If it is too rapid, get the child out of the sun and administer fluids while lightly fanning them and sprinkling water on them.

As their little body gradually adjusts to the heat, disaster can be adverted.


Sunscreen is also a necessity for young children (and adults) at the beach.

Sunburn can occur in as little as fifteen minutes.

A toddler’s delicate skin is highly vulnerable to UV rays, so you may have a screaming toddler on your hands faster than you might think.

Sunburns can last up to eight days and, in the more serious cases, can even require hospitalization.

So, make sure you lather on the sunscreen, even if the little guy or gal fights you every step of the way.

So, next time you pack half the house to go to the beach with the kids, remember that plenty of stores out there sell beach chairs for toddlers — and that it will likely make the outing a lot safer.

How To Pick The Best Metal Beach Umbrella Anchor

Are you tired of wasting time installing your beach umbrella or the sun beating you down with you all day, making you dehydrated and tired?

Or are you perhaps tired of carrying heavy umbrellas or frail materials that can break easily?

Well, the metal beach umbrella anchor & beach bag by USA Sand Anchors lets you sit down sooner and enjoy the shade with your friends and family since it provides convenience when installing your umbrella.

More so, this particular metal beach umbrella anchor comes with a reliable and robust design that allows provides the ultimate durability and longevity in use.

Further lending to its superior design is the fact that it is easy to carry especially with the extra bag accessory.

These sort of excellent feature set makes this anchor ideal for resorts, vacation home, hotels, cottages and beach stores.

It is important to note that umbrella anchors have been used since the 16th century.

Heavy-duty sand anchor design

The umbrella anchor features a robust metal design that can withstand excessive wind speeds and weather conditions.

The advanced grade steel material is durable and strong enough to hold your umbrella for sufficient protection when you need it the most.

To be specific, the anchor holds the umbrella in an erect position thus preventing it from blowing away with strong winds.

For this particular reason, you can enjoy time with your family and friends at the beach instead of continuously fixing the falling beach umbrella.

Ergonomic design

Users of this metal beach umbrella anchor will never have to worry again about carrying heavy umbrella anchors- this anchor highly portable that can fit perfectly in the additional accessory beach bag.

This sort of storage convenience simplifies your entire outdoor beach regime for an enjoyable time.

So instead of making your friends or family wait in the car or the sun, this anchor’ highly ergonomic design helps you reduce the installation time.

Easy to screw and twist functionality

More importantly, the 12” umbrella sand anchor features an Advanced-grade spring like screw makes it very simple to screw in the sand where you need it the most.

Users can now install their umbrellas quicker and conveniently than most sand anchors.

Moreover, the strong metal screw-like spring guarantees the ideal stability for your umbrella and an even deeper dig, such that you can enjoy your time at the beach particularly at midday when the sun is high above allowing you to enjoy the shade and cool breeze as well.

Overall, this metal beach umbrella anchor comes with a host of top quality auxiliary feature sets that makes it an ideal addition to your outdoor relaxation regime.

It comes with an easy to use design and a robust metal frame that makes it resistant even to the strongest of winds.

You and your family can, therefore enjoy quality time at the beach under the shade.