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All You Ever Wanted To Know About Phone Addiction

Do you know what is the biggest factor that turns a regular phone user into a phone addict?

Keep reading, and you’ll get the answer to that question.

Phone addiction is often disguised as tech friendliness or the pride of always being online.

To your friends and co-workers, you may seem as someone readily available, transparent and having many things to share or information to spread, but the reality of the whole situation is actually not even close to what it seems.

Phone addiction makes you misunderstand things on a grand scale.

Phones make you think you are multitasking but you aren’t

You are reading newspapers online, checking your emails and chatting with your old friend in Asia or even Antarctica all at the same time.

Seems like a task, huh?

Many researches have shown that combining all these activities together may actually make you less efficient since you spend more time per activity when doing them all together. And you can’t even devote yourself completely to one.

So you are trying to shoot many birds at a time, and you miss them all.

You don’t discover the joy of missing out

People are constantly in fear of missing things out.

Missed an important update today: a distant cousin’s sister’s uncle’s neighbor’s wedding pictures. Big deal!

If you actually know this person, and happen to meet them somewhere and learn about this event, it will be much more joyful than it is checking it out on FB.

You are damaging your cognitive abilities by getting distracted all the time

Most of us actually go online with a purpose. Reading an official email, RSVPing to an event, filling a college form, etc. are valid options. What we end up doing though is very different.

Many times we postpose these activities we are supposed to do and end up reading 10 random facts about the latest hot actor, or five things that could make us a successful lip reader.

Moreover the quest for all this extra knowledge is extremely superficial.

You ask me about the 10 most interesting places in the world, an article that I read today, and I doubt I will remember even one or two of them.

You are constantly worried about losing your connection

I had this annoying friend who wouldn’t go to a restaurant unless they had Wi-Fi. A couple of weeks ago, she did the same at a theme park. I mean, how many times do we actually set aside time to go see a theme park?

So rather than spending a quality time there, why are people always worried about posting pics on Instagram? Couldn’t the pics be uploaded on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram later?

You are never in the present

If you want to reconnect with reality, you might want to check a recovery program for smartphone addicts.

People are always checking new information, which means they are not in the present. I want to apply for a job, but what if another new and better offer is coming along next week? Should I keep checking? A new sale, but there’s a better one coming soon.

We do the same when we go out as well. We are more worried about uploading status and tagging as many people as possible if we are at an event. When does one get to live in the moment or in a world with smart people and not just smartphones?